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K2M advisory is an independent M&A and corporate finance firm delivering clients with financial and strategic advice on business divestments, acquisitions and capital raisings.  We work alongside businesses from an array of different industries, ranging in size and complexity, but who share a common goal – to achieve an optimal transaction outcome. Working side by side with our clients we ensure that goal is realized and reached.

Companies seeking expansion capital for growth are increasingly faced with more sophisticated and complex debt and equity markets. We have a deep understanding of what lenders and financial investors look for, as well as access to an extensive number of debt and equity capital providers.



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As a business owner, when you start to contemplate a potential sale you should ensure you do everything possible to maximise the chance of a successful transaction, as well as the company’s value – planning and preparation are paramount.

We work closely with business owners up to 3 years out from a potential exit to ensure the business is optimally positioned when the time comes to sell.

Selling a business represents the crystallization of years (often decades) worth of work for the owner – it is critically important that the sale process is designed and structured in a way that will maximise value and eliminate transaction risks.

Growth through acquisition can be a highly effective and value accretive corporate strategy if executed well.

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